Our FAQs

1I can’t decide whether to come on holiday or not, what should I do?
You can book your holiday like every year; our cancel conditions are the same like every year.
2How does the check-in at our arrival work?
Before you arrive we will email you a link where you can send the requested details of all the family members. On your arrival only one of you will need to come to the reception to conclude the booking; We would however prefer you to do it in advance.
3How do I have to behave when I’m at the campsite, in an apartment or a mobile home?
You will have to wear a mask when outside your plot, apartment or mobile home. You will see dispensers of disinfectant gel in all the shared areas and you will need to keep at least one metre from the others.
4What is there for children to do at the campsite?
They must respect the same rules as the adults: wear a mask when playing within the campsite (not within the plots) and try to stay away from other children. Unfortunately the children’s train will be out of use and the play park will be off limits. We are still deciding as regards the video hall.
5How will the use of the toilettes be organized?
We have increased both cleaning and disinfection: At the entrance there will be disinfectant dispensers that you are asked to use to wash your hands; Before entering the toilettes you will see disposable gloves and disinfectant wipes that you are asked to use for disinfecting the toilet bowl, likewise with the wash hand basin; We kindly ask you to respect the one way entrances and exits within the campsite so as to avoid being too close to other guests; The water both in the showers and toilets has been sanitized with chlorine as stipulated by law, so Chlorine is added wherever there is running water; When you are washing your dishes please use alternate sinks so as to avoid grouping together;
6Are the apartments and the mobile homes sanitized?
Apart from the routine cleaning methods we will also use alcohol based products as stipulated by the Ministry of Health. We will also carry out a cycle of OZONE disinfectant for a complete sterilization of the entire area. All air conditioners will be sterilized with specific products.
7What am I not allowed to do on the beach?
On the beaches where there are no bathing establishments there are no particular rules or limits so it is up to each person to behave in a correct, responsible and respectful manner. People and family groups must keep a distance of at least one metre from the others; Grouping together is not allowed. The local police will watch out and ensure these safety measures are respected. In peak season the local police may also ask voluntary workers to patrol.
8How is the restaurant set up?
Guests will have to book their table and, as stated before ,they will have to maintain social distancing of one metre from one another. On request, takeaway service for pizzas or meals from the restaurant is provided.