Wellness on the Island of Elba

Our choice of health treatments for you...


  • Relaxing and regenerating, it is perfect for helping you regain your strength and relieve you from stress and tension. It is carried out all over your body so that once it is over you will feel good and totally relaxed.


  • This treatment is perfect if you suffer from cervical tension, muscular pains or rheumatism in yourneck, shoulders or back; it is carried out on the upper part of your body and helps make any movements easier.


  • This treatment fights cellulitis and helps your “legs feel lighter”; it is carried out on your feet, legs and buttocks and also has a good effect on your blood and lymphatic circulation; a gentle and delicate massage on your face completes the treatment.


  • A stimulating and helpful treatment that is carried out along the entire length of your feet by manipulating the reflex areas; it helps reestablish the energetic balance throughout your body.


  • This treatment frees you from tiredness and tension, makes you more fit and eases and relaxes your muscles; it is energetic and deep and is carried out in your whole body.


  • The harmonious and synchronized movements in this special treatment are carried out by two massage therapists; this treatment leaves you feeling totally relaxed and at peace.