Who We Are

The Rotellini Family

Massimo Rotellini and his wife Miria have run the campsite since as far back as 1968, and over the years they have had some changes done so it is now what it is today: a modern, up-to-date and very comfortable campsite that guarantees our guests the best holiday possible.

The campsite is in full respect of the surrounding countryside and has its own waste disposal system according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 Law of 2004; this means we pay very close attention to how much water, gas and electricity we use so as to avoid any waste. All our waste material is either recycled or catered for in the correct way, and constant and continual check-ups are carried out to ensure the environment is always protected.

We have been granted the European ECOLABEL certificate as proof of our commitment, and there are only 4 campsites in Italy that have been granted this certificate and 22 in the whole of Europe.