Mountain Bike and Trekking

MTB and Trekking routes in Elba

This project has come to be thanks to the deep desire of making the wonderful web of routes on the Island of Elba known not only to the guests staying at the Valle Santa Maria Campsite but also to all those who come to the island on holiday, regardless of where they have chosen to stay.

The routes have been specifically chosen in an attempt to show everybody concerned, be they trekking lovers or MTB fans, the island from every perspective, so rich in typical, characteristic spots. Not only that, the routes have been classified according to their level of difficulty.

The idea has become a reality thanks to the passion as well as the professionality on behalf of those who love the Island of Elba:

  • Michele CERVELLINO, who dealt with choosing and classifying the routes – Valle Santa Maria Campsite;
  • Matteo BRUSA who dealt with the web aspect - BOREAL MAPPING;
  • Massimo GERARDI who dealt with laying out the maps (Consult Map and Google Earth) - BOREAL MAPPING;
  • Gabriele ROTELLINI who dealt with the graphic coordination – Valle Santa Maria Campsite.

The routes suggested by the VS Maria Campsite

An interactive map with both walking excursions and MTB routes suggested by the owners of the Campsite.

Classification of the different difficulty levels of the routes

An interactive map with all the MTB cycling routes on the island, classified by IMBA on their level of technical difficulty.

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